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    Wound Wax

    Wound Wax
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    Wound Wax is a beeswax and honey based product, this allows the ointment to be water resistant and have easy topical application.

    We all know the wonderful things honey can do to wounds due to its antibacterial, antiseptic and therapeutic properties but have you ever stopped to think of the benefits of beeswax? Here is a short list of its properties.

    • Anti-inflammatory Properties - to encourage wound healing
    • Protective Barrier Properties - holding in moisture and reducing dryness without suffocating the pores of the skin
    • Much like honey, beeswax also contains antibacterial properties
    • Water Resistant In Nature - Beeswax actually attracts water, keeping skin molecules well hydrated making it an ideal wound healing environment

    Wound Wax also contains Calendula Oil.  Calendula is a natural oil that decreases swelling/inflammation and encourages new tissue growth.

    Additionally Wound Wax contains coconut oil.  Coconut oil has been known for its healing ability if applied topically to the skin.  Topical application stimulates collagen production and cell turnover, these properties will aid in helping to minimize scarring.

    Australian summer flies can be a real issue when dealing with wound management. Lavender has a unique natural scent that deters flies. As an additional bonus lavender has many medicinal properties as well a nourishing the skin and aiding in wound healing.

    Can also be used on dogs.  Avoid using this product on cats.

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